“Imagine that Romanticism is a cup of coffee…Transcendentalism is a quadruple espresso”
Mr. Richey

Off to Peet’s to go ANNEotate some Anne Bradstreet for my English homework.

Best line in Henry V

  • KATHARINE: Is it possible dat I sould love de enemy of France?
  • KING HENRY V: No; it is not possible you should love the enemy of France, Kate: but, in loving me, you should love the friend of France; for I love France so well that I will not part with a village of it; I will have it all mine.

There was a girl in my English class today who refused to believe that I believe in nothing.

It’s not like I choose to believe in nothing.

I just haven’t found something to believe in. Which is what I’m looking for, I guess.

Like that U2 song.

It’s true though.

I’m not really cynical, I’m not optimistic. I’m kind of alone. We’re all alone though. I mean, everybody is alone.

Is love just a state of not being alone

Homework on the weekend

Also known as coming up with reasons for why you don’t have to do homework assigned to you for the weekend. 

"Friggin A"


‘MAKE IT FAMOUS [again]’


I really need to have a nice long talk with Fulton about my future and my desire to question reality.

Because right now I wanna just sit around talking about books and reading books and playing music and doing psychedelic drugs.

  • Teacher: Have any of you ever been a part of a conversation on the internet that involved hateful or offensive dialogue?
  • Me:
  • Me: Sometimes I put pictures of cats on my blog.
“Passive voice will be beaten out of you.”

My father.

True story. 

Having 24/7 reliable essay help.

One of the perks of having an English teacher father. 

I want this A. 

  • Fulton: You can't just pull an all nighter the night before and get this research paper done and do a good job on it.
  • Me: Challenge accepted.

Talk about cutting it close

My English teacher says that she’ll round up grades if they’re at or above the 9.5 range, but not if they’re below. No exceptions.